Friday, August 12, 2016

Spirit Adrift :"Chained to Oblivion"

I am happy that more doom is coming out as we approach the fall. This band Midway into the first song I find myself a little torn between whether this band wants to be Candlemass or Pallbearer. Granted everyone one knows Candlemass came before, but there is something in the moody way the vocals are delivered that thinks they might owe more to Pallbearer, who has been out long enough now that we will start to see other bands aside from Khemmis come out trying to cop their sound. These guys aren't afraid to pick up the pace, and haven't totally jacked the guitar tone. There is more of a traditionally doom vibe to "Marzanna" which has a slight 60's occult feeling to the chorus. The way the vocals are harmonized is totally Pallbearer.

There is more groove thanks to the deft bass line of "Form And Force" The vocals soar a little more here. The melodic section in the middle is a nice touch that expands the album's sense of dynamics. The solo in this song is pretty kicking. This might be the best song on the album. This intro to the title track is certainly more introspective and shows them using a cleaner guitar tone. The lower croon on this one has more in common with Candlemass , but feels like it's a better direction for them to go. The more I hear it, his voice makes me think of what Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode might sound like if he tried to sing metal. If you are going to have an 11 minute song then this is the way to pace it. Ten seconds longer than the previous song "The Hum of Our Existence' puts the emphasis back on heaviness, with some more rapid punches hitting you in an almost Slayer fashion. The guitar playing is where it's at on this song.

I'm a little torn on this one in places , but I think I am going to go ahead and round this one up to a 9. I have a greater sense of urgency to get the new Pallbearer onto my iPod, so this album might become a victim of timing as to how many listens I give it. But that is not to take away from what is being done here, as the end result is pretty rocking, if you are looking for some melodic doom this is worth your time.

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