Friday, August 5, 2016

Vukari : "Divination"

The title track from the Chicago band's upcoming album, kicks things off in two parts, one being a more post-rock intro piece the other brings in metal which builds into this more post -rock melancholy with blast beats running under it's beautiful sway. There is a more conventional sound of American black metal attached to "Cursus Honorum". Imagine a less tormented version of Nachtmystium that was steeped in cavernous death metal. Their is a really cool guitar riff to "Invictus Maneo" that encapsulates many sonic aspects I enjoy in music as it is both dark and sonic.The drummer does a great job of laying down the groove and allowing the song plenty of room to breathe.

There is a more boomy sound to "Ad Delirium" , even though it is one of the more melodic songs. In some ways it reminds me more of "Souls At Zero" era Neurosis than black metal. More mid paced than blasty. This more melodic current continues to flow through "Sovereignty Through Extreme Tyranny". I think it's very interesting how they put at new spin on the post- rock, shoe gazey styled black metal that doesn't leave them really sounding much like Deafheaven. The metal base seemed pretty strong for them to build this off of rather than coming across like a bunch of hipsters who thought it would be cool or ironic to play blast beats. That is very obvious on "Bathe in the Divine Light".

This album is tempting me to move it over to the iPod, and since I am giving it a 9 then it is certainly worth your consideration since you have to factor in how I am an endless stream of new black metal sitting in my in-box on any given monday. What sets these guys apart is the fact they care about their songs and do not get lost in the all too common blur.

5.5 /6

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