Saturday, August 20, 2016

Torture Love :They Came Crawling"

This band from Chicago is much more aggressive than your average post-punk, they are solidly a punk band. "The Big Hand" finds them singing more than shouting, this gives them more of a Bellicose Minds sound. The Misfits would also be a reference point, though their singer is further from Glenn's croon and the vocals sit back further in the mix. The guitar is the next element to become more melodic on "A Drone With a Lifestyle. The guitar creeps with more tension and finds them becoming more dynamic on this song.Things get even darker on "Safe Skin".  "Deb Taylor" finds the band back into the punchier punk mode.

"I.V" find the band making their more punk a little more catchy. This progresses into "U.V" which sounds a little like older Cure. Lyrically it might not be there best moment with the chant of 'ultra-violet tragedy", but these guys song writing skills are generally much better than their revivalist peers. One of the more goth moments might be the almost death rock "Infinite Prison". The title track that closes the album is closer to indie rock. I'll round this up to a 9.It's one of the better post-punk releases so far this year, but considering how Halloween is getting closer, I'll be on the look out for spooky sound so the bar might get raised.

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