Friday, August 26, 2016

Wounded Kings : "Visions Of Bone"

Out of the misty mountains of bong smoke, Doomy Brits the Wounded Kings are back. The opener has a very Sabbath lumber to their more traditional and melodic take on doom. The first song is 14 minutes. If you have been keeping up with this blog lately then you know after reviewing new albums from bands like Lesbian and Sub Rosa, that I have been up to my ears in songs over ten minutes , which I had already begun to tire with last year. "Vultures" starts off with the tempo picking up into a more thundering brand of metal that reminds me of Electric Wizard.This song is slightly more compact, and I like when the singer dips into a lower croon.

"Kingdom" has a rougher tone and is more blues based. The song breaks down into a sample at the six minute mark, from this point there springs a very meaningful guitar solo."Bleeding Sky" is a little more plodding and doesn't distinguish itself from the other similarly paced songs, so the five minute run time of it is a blessing and a curse. There is a similar bluesy feel to the closing " Vanishing Sea" that makes me imagine what it would sound like if Iggy Pop sang for Black Sabbath.

I'll give this album a 7.5, it was well made and had some strong moments, but didn't blow me away. Though something can be said for the fact that it didn't blow either, or really sound like they were doing blow which tends to make everything sound like "Volume 4" era Black Sabbath.

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