Saturday, August 13, 2016

Vader : "Iron Times"

The new ep buy Vader this finds the band back at the place where death metal and thrash met, with the first song reminding more of Sodom. The throaty vocals are a gurgled growl . There is a serious thrashing gallop to " Pray to the God of War". The vocals are spit out here in a more rapid Slayer like manner. There is a more powerful mid-paced chug on "Piesc I Stal"  winks in the direction of classic metal. This might be the best of the three original songs on the ep. The solos seem to serve more of a purpose on this song and while it's a fairly simples and straight forward song the chug is very effective here. It takes me back to a time when things were simpler as the world was not over saturated with metal bands, a good album used to come out every month in 80s. The Polish band spits this one out in their native tongue.

The lyrics are more easily discerned in the manner they are spit out on this ep, which judging from the cover I assumed would be more of a tribute to Motorhead. They pick the proto-thrash of Motorhead's " Overkill" to tackle. Earlier in the album it sounded like the lead growler was making more of an attempt t sing in places. Here it is not as obvious. The do capture the rock n roll riffs well, their drummer is a relentless beast. I'll give this album an 8.5 as these guys are old pros who are clearly good at what they do. If you are not already a fan of this band, I would suggest going with one of their full lengths to get a better picture of what it is they do. It sounds like they are having fun here and it's not surprise like many band's these days it's more economic for these guys to record and ep rather than chase the dying art of the album. If you are are fan of classic metal like Sodom, Motorhead and to a lesser extent here Kreator, then this is worth your time.

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