Thursday, August 25, 2016

Drug : "Infinite Stimulant"

Here is another album that came recommended by Dead Air at the Pulpit, whom I have gotten some pretty good stuff from, but it gets hit or miss when we get into albums that are not heavy. They throw the word post-punk around and get my hopes up more often than not as these post-punk bands typically are just punk bands who happen to be using effects on their guitars. Here is a case in point. This band from Tampa  opens  their new album with a pretty much straight up punk rock song and it isn't until "No Odyssey" that we begin to hear some darker colored garage rock that you can try to connect the dots to post-punk if you are desperate enough to. It's similar brand of reckless punk with a side of sludged out bass on "Burned Out Transport". There is a more surreal take on punk that finds the band coming closer to living up to their name on "Space Scape" which actually has a guitar solo and song room to breathe in the arrangements.

I know it is a part of punk, but the vocals on this album bug me. They are at their very best on "Hive-Mind" and sound like some of the more muttered moments from the first Gwar album. It' fine with me if a singer uses their voice like an instrument. I don't need to be able to make out the lyrics, but I need more than the free form chaos this guy engages in.  I'll give this album a 6, there are a few moments, but it generally doesn't do much for me. If want some punk rock that is a little more warped than your typical 1...2....3..go fare and have a thing for garage rock then you might be able to get a little more out of this than I did. Not bad...just not my thing.

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