Friday, July 10, 2015

Top 10 Rock Albums of far

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Rock is a broad word. There is only one album in here that straight up rocks it like AC/DC and even then there are some twists and turns. So here is where we are at so in 2015, when it comes to putting the foot up on the monitor.

10- Cairo Pythian - "Touched"

 This album came on strong when I first go it but turned out to be a little too weird for its own good. Glam rock from another dimension, the album is like a weird friend you can't invite to every party because they might wind up naked in the fish tank.

 9-the Refused- "Freedom"

 Haven't really listened to it much after the day I got it , but it is so well crafted that it needs to be on here. Nothing like "the Shape of Punk to Come' in case you were wondering.

 8- King Dude- "Songs of Flesh and Blood In the Key of Light"

 Just got this today, but can tell I am going to get some pretty good mileage out of this album. It touches on many genres and could be argued that it should have been on the goth list since the Nick Cave leanings, but Nick Cave's last album wasn't on the goth list either so there.

7- No Joy- "More Faithful"

 Not as shoegaze this go around.There is more form and function. Need to give it a few more spins it has gotten lost in the shuffle.

 6-Strangeweather - s/t

 Almost metal, but not quiet. Like Agalloch if they were jamming with Rasputina and Fleetwood Mac and main lining dmt.

 5- Brother / Ghost- "Buried"

Funny thing about this album when I first got it I thought one of the dudes who sings on it was a girl, so the band dropped me a message saying there are zero girls in the band. When I went back and listened to , I could hear it was dude with a whiny Death Cab for Cutie kind of voice. I still like this album despite these facts.

4- Algiers- s/t

 These guys were originally from Atlanta, but they wised up and said to themselves " Hey, we want to make gospel post-punk, lets move to New York, because they will never get it in this city since they only understand music that is either part white trash or part punk rock and we are neither." Good move, next year hipsters in Atlanta will catch on since they are always a few years behind New York when it comes to music any way.

 3-Nadine Shah- "Fast Food"

 Just enough balls to this album that it makes it on the list despite her Siouxsie influence.

2- Marriages- Salome 

Tones the post-rock / math- rock down and let her focus more on singing and the results are pretty stunning.

1- Royal Thunder- Crooked Doors

 It was a pretty close race between these cats and Marriages, I have just gotten a tad more mileage out of this album than Marriages, in fact there was a good week or two where this was all I would listen to on my iPod when I left home.

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