Monday, July 27, 2015

Midas Fall : "The Menagerie Inside "

The dramatic piano intro was unexpected as I assumed this was going to be more of a indie rock thing than some weird progressive goth. I can hear a slight Tori Amos influence , but the vocallly are very over wrought and passionate and not so Kate Bush tinged.No the same time she she is not a goth singer in the vein of Siouxise either, but more along the lines of a less operatic Nightwish or the Gathering. Her influences seem all over the place as their is even a country tinge to her voice on "After Fall". It is draped in majestic elegance. The guitar twinkle around the song rather than going for the typical chug. These guys have assembled pieces of many genres and pasted them together into something that is very much their own. "Circus Performer" allow me to zone out and think it has just kind of fallen out of the previous song. The ballad "Countin Colors" is so delicate not much holds it together. Things get heavier on "Low". It soars off into a more sonic yet tender place in the stratosphere. They remind me a little of the new Marriages album , but with a ore lingering pop hook on " The Morning I Called " It really shimmers brighter than most Post-rock out today. They have a great guitar tone. In some ways "Tramadol Baby" is more rock. The drums play around the riff rather than sticking to your average rock beat until that is called for.This is the first song that I detected Elizabeth Heaton's Scottish. Some of her phrashing is almost poppy, which in this case isn't a bad thing but means some keen attention to detail when it comes to the vocal. "A Song Built From Scraps Of Paper" is aptly titled as it comes across as being fragile even when it builds. It strikes me like Tsylor Swift thrown in the past of sweeping post-rock, though from more of a country side and less of the anthemic sugar pop.There is more urgency to "Holes" that took a second lesson before this song caught, the mix seems weird even when I listened to it through head phones. I'll give this one a 9.5 as it's a real solid listen that grows on me with every spin and will make its way over the the sacred iPod, fans of bands like Marriages ...this is a must.

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