Thursday, July 9, 2015

Top 10 Goth/Industrial Albums of 2015 far

So under the big black umbrella of goth we have also thrown in darkwave, new wave, dark pop and dream pop, along with an industrial album or two. Though more likely bands influenced by industrial in this day and age. The bulk of post-punk got shoved in with rock, so keep your eyes open for that list coming soon 10-Camouflage - "Grey Scale" Subtle dark wave that is heavy on its pop hooks. The singer from Vnv Nation is on this album so there is no question as to if it belongs here. 9- Kesa -self titled These wacky guys throw in more than most post-punk bands. Hell, they don't even want to be Joy Division. They do mix in the new wave and have punk attitude. 8-Tidemouth "Velvet and Stone" These hard core kids went goth, but unlike most other bands that do that once they grow up, they did not forget where they put there distortion pedals and aside from Atriarch might be the most aggressive goth revival band going.
7- Them are Us Too- "Remain" The challenge is finding the moments where they don't sound like the Cocteau Twins. Why did it make it to number 7? How many other bands sound like the Cocteau Twins? 6-the Soft Moon- "Deeper" Loved this album when I first got it, haven't given it enough spins since. More of an edge to this than your typical hipster dark wave. 5- Author & Punisher- "Melk en Honing" Heavier than "Women & Children" not sure if it's better. Still in the iPod so its doing something right.

4-Marilyn Manson- "The Pale Emperor" This album got worn out when I first got it. This one redeems the previous two albums and stands up against his others. 3- Karin Park- "Apocalypse Pop" A European fashion model making pop music, how good can this be? Way better than you would imagine, if you like the thought of Lorde but not the reality of her then this album is for you.

2- Twin Shadow- "Eclipse" One of the best dark pop albums of the decade.This could be the album of the year and should be number one since the number one album isn't out yet.

1- Chelsea Wolfe- "Abyss" She really only beat Twin Shadows awesome album by merit of being darker, though it is still growing on me.

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