Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Nurse : s/t

Atlanta is five years behind most musical trends, the death rock revival is not exception, and even judging by Nurse's new 7 inch it still has not been embraced as this album is just another punk rock 7" . There is a slight darker tinge to the guitar on the opening song, but " I Can See You" throws that out of the window for obnoxious hard core punk with screamed vocals. This could be one of thousands of bands and is typical of Atlanta music that can't seem to grow up out of the punk rock thing as kids from the suburbs move into the city to go to college start a band like this and in fur years never to be heard from again and replaced by another band formed under similar circumstance. The punk rock I do like just has more songwriting going on... TSOL,Discharge, Negative Approach."Pressure" has little to separate it from the previous song aside from being a tiny bit darker. The vocals follow the guitar a little closer as well and the guitar hits some octave chords.

On the last song "Blood Breath"  the only thing they have in common with death-rock is some of the effects that are on their guitar. They must think spooky album covers make you death rock. Even their self appointed tag of "Funereal Hardcore" seems like wishful thinking as their is not enough emotion aside from snotty anger to invoke any sense of mourning.     I'm not being a grouch here as I see death rock tagged to a band and my eyes light up in hopes that maybe some one will get it right this time. I will give this a 3.5, with the most redeeming aspect of their music being a decent guitar tone, but if this is all funereal hardcore is then don't sign me up, however if I investigate this sub-genre outside of Atlanta, I would likely not find this to be the case, 1.4

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