Thursday, July 9, 2015

Reverie: "Bliss"

Despite being the birth place of heavy metal god King Diamond, Denmark is becoming more know for it's punk. The album starts with fast feral Trashy black metal. The vocals have more rasped anguish to them than the more guttural tones of death metal. The second song is less impressive than the first as it sounds like they are falling back on metals more animalistic side and giving into their anger, which might be the way to the dark side, but it is also the path to sounding like every other metal band out. Though hard to make out it doesn't sound like much thought was put into the vocals. I do not think the vocals are relegated to being as much of an after thought as they commonly are in this genre.

"Blood in the Sea" finds they carry a punk like rawness to the lack of pretense in their attack. The vocals lose some of their rasp to become more of a punk whine while they guitar finds more melodic layers. They default to blasting and more metal path on the song that follows. They have some catchy punches sprinkled in. It's moment like when they back off and let the bass carry a slower melody line that they latch onto a sound of their sound that shines. They disappoint when they go for speed for the sake of speed on songs like "First Reverie",

Still carrying the raw bit of punk, there is more songwriting going on when they rip into "Circles" . The vocals becoming even clearer in their tortured punk rants. You can really hear the phrase 'circles never end" which stands out from the din. This might be the albums best song. they need more of this sort of thing, it doesn't compromise their wild fury,  sorts through the chaos to give it more form and function. The riff toward the songs final moments is actually catchy. There is a  more punk like  temper tantrum to the bulk of "From Sea to Shore" . It's not until the three minute mark that it begins to draw upon melodic qualities.

"Blind at Heart" ends some melody, but at this point the horse they have beaten is dead. They have potential, I'll give this album a 7. There press tries to put them along side bands like Tribulation and Morbus Chron, but they are like the rough punk demo of those bands, who give more creative attention to their guitar tones and have mastered song writing while these kids are still just making explosions.


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