Saturday, July 11, 2015

Sabbath Assembly : "s/t" album review & "Ave Satanas" video

This New York band  could be lumped in with the whole occult rock scene in the same way In Solitude could also be pegged into that hole.  They lean toward the Church of Final Judgement lyrically, though it's not heavy handed here, where in the past they were writing straight up hymns for. The first two songs come on strong, they start of with swirling chaos and then as quick as you can throw up devil horns fly int a very Merciful Fate sounding riff. Then they follow this up with a song that carries a more ominous stomp. The vocals line where she chants the line that includes the song's title "this is like confessing a murder" is pretty catchy.

Just when I am about to write off "Burn Me, I Thirst For Fire" as being convoluted they lock into a heavier riff and  turn things around. The first riff to "Only You" starts off as straight u metal , then they ease off of it , only to have the drums bring them back into a more rocking section in time for the solo. "Fiery Angel of Desire" doesn't grab me until it breaks down into the more subtle passage midway into the song and it takes a turn for the better from their. One thing that strikes me about this band is how their singer doesn't try to do that melodramatic Grace Slick thing that afflicts many bands of this ilk.

"Ave Satanas" jerks you back and forth and is the first song where I can hear the retro vibe that is more prominent in this kind of thing. "The Earth's Sharp Edge"  has more of a hard rock chug to it. On the line where she sings "my fever is high" the song starts to soar. The bass player really gets busy underneath the guitar solo. Aside from the fact you can bet it's going to get heavier, this band doesn't have a formula, instead they take you are a crazed journey with many twists and turns. "Apparition of the Revolution" takes a bluesy doom course. The guitar solo on this song is ripping and is the point where the song takes a heavier turn. "Shadows of Emptiness" closes the album out on a more delicate folk like note. It certainly allow their singer to flex her pipes. Here are some slight Stevie Nicks moment. This is where they really fake you out as you are waiting for the heavy that never comes, which I can respect writing a ballad every now and then. Right of the bat I'll give this album a 9, I have a feeling it will grow on me as it sounds more natural and organic than the Demon Lung album which I also like, not sure if the ballad will make it to the iPod, but if you want something different from the Occult rock scene this is way more legit than Ghost.

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