Saturday, July 18, 2015

She Past Away :" Narin Yalnizlik"

The first thing that strikes me about their new album that the more emotive and elegant trappings of "goth" have been toned down in favor of  tenser more Joy Division like drone. Though after taking the entire album in I began to appreciate it more.The mutter of the vocals remains pretty much the same for the entire album it's the sounds around it that change . "Asimilasyon" takes a more 80s night feel to the dance floor and the dark wave begins to creep in here until it eventually over takes the album. The sounds and the grooves are cool enough if they actually went some where with it. There is a more upbeat Cure vibe to the backing instrumentation to  but the vocals remain a static low. The guitar on "Uzakta"balances out making this is first song that pulls me int on the first listen. I think a real drum would also benefit this album as the casio sounding drum programming, might get the 80s feel, but it also limits where the songs can go leaving that saddled on the guitarist.  the vocals  take a softer touch, but  other continue to stay monotone . "Hayaller" takes on a more dark wave feel and brings back some of the more elegant sounds that I associate with this project. I think enough of these revivalist bands are doing to joy division thing so goth with beauty and melody is needed.

There is a strong 80s groove to "Katarsis". The vocals remain in the same monotone baritone, sometimes slightly emotive in their pout." Utu Belirsizlige" takes on a more ballad quality, while digging  deep into their Sisters of Mercy influence. The guitar work continues to be their strength as it redeems what would other wise be a overly simplistic song. The album begins to steer away from the Joy Division thing and into a more dark wave direction. The upbeat "Gercekten Ozleyince" balance the organic guitar with the stiff electronics, the mumbling gravel of the vocals is the main thing keeping it dark here, they continue to press further into more dancey Tron territory with "Yanimda". Aside from the guitar the song is flat on the dynamics and one dimensional. The groove remains almost the same as the previous two song, though the tone of "Kuruyordu" is darker by a few degrees. The mutter of the vocals retains it's hushed gravel, the singer seems to have a four note range.

There are some cool sounds on this album and if I didn't demand more from dark wave then I would be ore satisfied , I liked their previous album better it had more passion to it , I'll give this one a 7, if you are just dying for dancey goth and can't find anything then this will scratch that itch and can provide some pretty decent background music if you tune out to the fact aside from the guitar everything pretty much stays the same.


  1. Definitely looking into this. Thanks.

  2. Definitely looking into this. Thanks.

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