Thursday, July 16, 2015

Skepticism : "Ordeal"

Of course I am always on the hunt for more doom, funereal doom being my favorite form of the genre. The vocals have a weird monotone gurgle that sound like Cookie monster trying to sing rather than just the coookkkiiiieee growl, that most metal  vocalists do. Though the guitar melody reach a beautiful place of melancholy I am not able immerse myself in it as the vocals keep spoiling their music for me."The departure " has more of a funereal drone to it. The guitar lines that come out from behid the keyboards  are cool , but could stand to have a place in the mix that provides More punch. They ebb down on "March Incomplete" the minimalist drumming and hesitancy found in the guitar playing are the most characteristic elements of funereal doom. They are as oppressive in their sound as most other funereal doom bands.

Any issues with the mix have to be seen in the light of rather than going into  the studio  and tracking everything this album is recorded live in front of an audience, who you hear in-between songs. Things pick up on "The Road" the droning chaos in the attack bring older Burzum to mind. The zone it creates at one point put me to sleep with my finger on the keyboard. "Closing Music" touches on some really lush sounds that if coupled with something more oppressive might draw me in more. They begin to head in this direction with "Pouring" that finds the annoying element in the vocals either not as prominent or I got use to it and tuned it out.

"The March and the Stream" touching on the more despairing sonics that I want from this genre. The organ sound is dramatically creepy. There is a riff that sounds like it is building towards a chorus that is never going to come. Once I got over the vocals the album improved for me and lulled me into a trance. Once in this trance I could listen to the album rather effortlessly and for this reason I will round it up to a 6, the reason it's not higher is because the album could stand to pack more of a punch , since it's metal.

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