Thursday, July 2, 2015

Black Tongue : The Unconquerable Dark album review and Lyric Video

There are supposed to be some doom going on here, so I decided to  give these guys a shot even though I saw  they allowed the singer of Suicide Silence to sing on a song. The is a slower form of death core I suppose, there is an impressive density to the bass to, but there is something too pristine about what is going on.The vocals are low and gurgling , I got it . It sounds like the are also boosted by over drive. This like Thy Art is Murder also has that Meshuggah futuristic sound to the chug. This djent like thing is becoming the new nu metal. My rule with with music that is brutally heavy as this succeeds on being in some respect, is after the first song you might catch me off guard , but after that I want to hear what  else can you do ? Can you write a fucking song?  There are a lot of studio tricks that make things rumble. What would this sound like live? I remember hearing the Faceless live and it didn't seem heavy because the heavily processed sound came across thin.

I liked the title "Young Gloom" but I am disappointed that it is not more gloomy. They throw changes out at you from every corner of the song, but it fail t tell a cohesive story that connect emotionally. They get blasty for "L'appel Du Vide" but they resort to variations of their heavier take on djent. I can count the times I have heard Suicide Silence on one hand. So it will be interesting on "Vermin Tide" if I can pick him. Tonally the song gets out to the best start and is most ominous, though I would not call it doom. Death metal or core yes. The break downs are the only core thing. I think he is the higher scream.

Like many of their songs"Prince of Ash' gets off to a promising start ,before it begins to sound like Slipknot. By " the Masquerade" the songs have begun to blend into one another and are blur of low tunings. Some of the break downs attempt to layer atmosphere over them, a sentiment that could have been cool if not weighed down by the need to be heavy for the sake of being heavy. "A Pale Procession" gets my attention  in the same one some of Slipknots more well written material might. The close out the album with "I'm Tired of Sighing. Please Lord let it be night" which is a title that has more thought put into than the Meshuggah chugs that follow. I guess this marriage of death core and djent is becoming a thing, first the Thy Art is Murder and now this. I'll give it a 5, its not my thing though some of the juxtapositions they are trying to pull of namely the layers of heavy and ambient are its just more lunky in the execution than I want from my metal.

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