Saturday, July 11, 2015

Krisiun : "Forged In Fury"

This band was furiously forged back in the 90s.While this is the first album of their's that I have sat down to fully digest front to back, I remember when they seemed like the heaviest thing going back in the 2000s . Being from Brazil there is bound to be a Sepultura influence. Production wise the opener reminds me of faster Gojira. They infuse their songs with melody and technical prowess rather than just beating you with riff after riff, and truth be told these days when you compare them to some one like Hexis, they don't seem quite as heavy as they use to.

The throaty vocal are the most Sepultura element as they scrape at his vocals chords , but don't really get as guttural as to become a full on growl like say Incantation, but as rough as post-"Covenant" Morbid Angel. For a three piece they have a really big sound. On a song like "Dogma of Submission" they come across more like a very polished Cannibal Corpse. They have some pretty solid grooves that demand heads to be banged. By the tie it gets to the title track this album begins to find its edge starting to dull. The guitar solo is the best part of the song. There is a very Slayer like riff which also gets my attention."Soulless Impaler" has some great bass work and embodies one of the qualities I love about power trios , which is the fact the bass player has to work harder to fill the gaps. The needed dynamic shift takes place on "Burning of the Heretic" it holds much more deliberate stomp, before blasting off at a faster paced than they have touched upon thus far in the album. When they solo into a crushing groove it makes me look up from the computer and take notice.There is more hook to the vocal placement on "Isolated Truth" that engages you a little more into the song."Oracle of the Ungod" starts of with some interesting interplay between the drums and the bass before it gets murky and then irons it self in a very Morbid Angel manner with its groove. One of the album's best songs is "Timeless Starvation" it just takes all the things that work for this band and molds them together. It is also the second song where the lyrics mention children being raped, not that makes it good...being a father I'm not into that , but it's something I noticed. Overall it's no secret I am more into black metal than I am death metal so something that sticks so closely to the conventions of the genre isn't going to be an album I'll find myself dying to listen to , but it is well made. I'l give it a 7 and if you are a fan of the band' more recent work round it up a point.

Comes out early August on Century Media

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