Sunday, July 5, 2015

Lewis and the Strange Magics : "Velvet Skin"

If you have ever wondered why all the occult rock bands aside from Ghost  have female singers here is what happens when a dude steps up to the mic. It really brings out the early 70s vibe. Its not actual metal,  guess it is what is being called proto metal. Very Blue Oyster Cult meets early Pentagram. The guitar jangles into a shuffle. The singer sounds a little strained when he tries to reach up into a head register, never quiet makes it up into falsetto.  "How to Be You" mixes the strut of "Brown Sugar" with Alice Cooper attitude. The keyboard solos rip more than the guitar.The darkest part so far is when they come back in after the solo section. Some dark keys open "Suzy's Room", The shuffle of this upbeat song is a little bit of a mixed bag.

The first riff that could be argued as metal pops up in "Golden Threads". The vocals are a little lower and carry more balls in the delivery. The Deep Purple influence colors certain sections of this song. An almost funk beat starts of "Nina". He jives his way through the verse and the choruses are more sung. The guitarist has chops , but he works best in certain avenues. They venture close to prog on "Female Vampire". The boogie down groove works well against some of the more Yes like key board fills. These guys are talented enough to blend their jams into the songs. The first Black Sabbath like riff doesn't appear until "Cloudy Grey Cube".

There are Beatles like harmonies at the beginning of "Your Evil Trip". The staccato vocal is more Alice Cooper to me. Midway into the song the go off on a crazy key board solo. The lyrics don't make any sense  but if they are about tripping then they don't have to. I'll give this one an 8.5 , some of it is too up beat for me , but I like where they are going with this and are one of the only bands to get that time period right.

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