Friday, July 31, 2015

Krallice : "Ygg huur"

Are these guys up to their same old tricks? If you mean churning out a  technically dazzling their almost math rock brand of black metal. In some ways yes, but the opener is more angular and shows they can do more than just blast at you. This is not to say they do not go into blast beats. They do . In fact those come on strong in "Wastes of the Ocean".  While I have always felt this band has been more invested in the math of  things than other bands such as Liturgy whom they have resided alongside on a similar sonice plane , on this album they have taken a step away  in favor of something more metal and technical in  the vein of what  tech death metal bands find themselves doing. The vocals are almost more like Converge in the fact they are barked out more like hardcore vocals than black metal.

There is more chaos to the angular "Over Spirit" which despite its adventuring guitar passages , can still blend into the second song if you are not paying attention. They have some interesting ringing guitar tones that do not clearly adhere to the metal rue book, and their bass player is clearly having fun. The song accelerates to a dizzying speed past your average blast beat. They cruise along at a bpm of slightly ore scenic speed to deliver the punches on "Tyranny of Thought". Racing along they begin to pass through the song at such a speed that you do not really get a good listen to all o f the sounds being thrown at you.

"Bitter Mediation" find the riffs more of a blur with the drums stirring up a storm behind them . The bass tone feels thicker on this album which has added to some of the heavier frequencies. While the execution of this sort of thing is spot on, does it do more for the song than provide masturbatory access? "Engram" really doesn't do a whole lot to distinguish itself from the other songs on this album, a few darker tones when the bass lingers on a more dissonant note here an there. Overall if you just like chaotic displays of technical prowess then you can peg and extra point onto the 7 I am giving this album as aside from typical faux metal anger, it loses emotion and it's a little disappointing from a band that has all the talent in the world to forsake song writing.

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