Friday, July 17, 2015

Atavismo : " Desintegración " Album Review & " Kraken" video

This album by these space rockers launches off into the cosmos with a very "Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun" vibe creeping up, it's dark and trippy which are two of my favorite qualities in music, so lets see how long they can keep it going. Spain is dipping into some pretty good drugs on this one.  They retain this vibe by keeping the song instrumental and while they move onto the more folk side of Pink Floyd, like something from say "Obscured By Clouds" era for "Kraken". They back off even further and drift into a more hippied out vibe on " Oceanica" which towards the song's final three minutes begins to swell into something closer to post- rock.

They actually have melodic and thoughtful guitar work. The album sounds great from a production stand point.   Their is a darker prog rock feel to "Meeh", but it is a looser song though darker than the previous song.  This was first released on CD last year and this year is seeing the vinyl release of this album. These guys are great at what they do and if you are going to use Pink Floyd as an influence then they certainly picked from the best time periods to do so. It's a well played album that is easy on the ears and can be left on for long periods of time, as their songs sway with a very hypnotic drone, but still have dynamics and a destination.

I'll give this album a 9, while I love Pink Floyd there could to be a tad more balls in places for it to have the perfect sound for me, it would give some of the high flying drifts  past the doors of perception more glue and come across slightly less jammy, however this is what the band set out to do and they accomplished what they set out to do so you can only applaud them for that, while I enjoyed letting this album set the tone of the waning hours of the afternoon it's not something that would really sit well in my iPod, but I have a deep appreciation for what is going on here and highly recommend it to fans of psychedelia that want something a little darker than Beatles worship.

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