Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Die Krupps: "Metal Machine Music"

If bands like KMFDM have become to edm for you, here is an industrial album that makes no bones about it and kicks you in the teeth like its 1990. Before you try to compare them to Rammstein, take note that these guys beat them to the punch by ten years.  I first became aware of the band after they put out a Metallica  tribute album in the 90s . Then in the 2000s when it seemed every year another industrial tribute to something was coming out , these guys showed up on their fair share of those. There riffs have remained just as tough, and benefit from better production today's technology allows. While the initial assault is powerful it's  the ode to 911 and other terror from the air of "Fly Martyrs Fly" that really grabs me , sucks me in and weaves a sonic world around me that finely tuned, well composed industrial music can. These guys are not just pushing buttons and tossing samples around.

Some actual singing bubbles under the dark robotic veneer on" the Truth", much of the vocals are the low whispered baritone narratives. The beginning of "Road Rage Rider" begins to take on a similar sounds that is dramatically altered at the chorus, as it takes on a more  melodious nature like Killing Joke might employ.   "Vampire Strikes Back" hits pretty hard, the guitars thrash but with the militant stiffness industrial is known for. They back off on " Alive in a Glass Cage" that has more of darkwave feel. Smart move as it gives the album a needed shift in dynamic range. The songs does build up into a metallic riff on the bridge.

Its back to harder hitting metal on "Branded" which blends the electronica on the verses. This song has an excellent groove and falls somewhere between head banging and dancing. Many artists have been giving a wink to Lars Von Tier on throwing in a "Chaos reigns" , but it is pretty fitting on "Kaos Reigns" that is like White Zombie on meth. "The Red Line" is another head banging groove fest.
" Bonded By Blood" is almost an  anthem .  The verses are dark and tense expanding to big rock at the chorus. The album ends on a straight forward industrial metal, that while heavy could have stood to have measured up to the other experimentation and atmosphere that colors the rest of the album.

Overall there is not a ton of industrial coming out so it is good to see in the lack of quantity we are making up for it  quality. I'll give this a 9.5, give it a shot on the iPod and see how it sits with me if you are a fan of classic industrial then this album is a must.

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