Thursday, July 16, 2015

Gnaw Their Tongues : "Abyss of Longing Throats"

The dutch Noise metal project Gnaw Their Tongues is back with a full length. If you are thinking about opening a haunted house this year make sure to have this album playing in the background.  Heavier on the atmosphere than the metal it is one of those rare cases where the atmosphere is as heavy as metal. "Through Flesh" forms into a somewhat more cohesive song, a bass line takes form. The croaked and gurgled vocals cry out like frog demons from the swamps of an HP Lovecraft novel.Samples are well use as a narrative on this album, the title track adheres to a murky void that more closely resembles what is expected from black metal. Blast beats stir the sonic storm.

"From the Black Mouth of Spite" has more of a doomy throb to it than any hopes of melody. The vocals rant in the distance. Tribal drums sound like an army of orc is plotting from the distance , but they never strike. There is a more cavernous nightmarish pound to " The Holy Body" which displays the first dab of industrial influence which this project is often credited with. This is yet another moment that is more doom than black metal as it moves at a dirge like pace. Keeping the doom pace, " And They Will  Be Cast Into Utter  Darkness" lives up to its name with nothing but chaos. Vocal croaks bleed into the thump of the bass.

"Up Into The Heavens, Down Into the Circles Of..." has drumming that could be on a normal black metal song it's just the sounds that surround it come from every angle. There are many alluring sounds captured on this album, there are not many alluring songs, but it does lull you into it's arms. It serves as beautiful back ground music , but is not something I listen to as it is a collection of great songs, so I will give it a 6 on the merits of enjoying the mood it creates.  Crucial Blast is releasing this piece of aural madness August 7th.

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