Friday, March 5, 2021

the Melvins : "Working With God"


  But do they find out ? is the question raised by the opening track "I Fuck Around " which is a parody of the Beach Boys " I Get Around".  They get back to being serious with the beefy "Negative No No" which finds the band doing just what you would expect them to do with out being stale in the process. Buzz's voice sounds pretty good. The the chug to "Bouncing Rick" proves things are getting even more serious. The vocals are smoother and the guitar heavier equates to everything I want from this band. There is a great bluesy swagger to " Caddy Daddy" .  This is not my first time with this album, so I know things are going to get silly in places. When it is done like it was in the opener I am fine with it and when they are keeping things serious they continue to kick all kinds of ass. 

The first interlude that is "Brian the Horse Face Goon" is one of those silly moments. The actual song has some what silly vocals and a pretty cool riff. Things get heavier for "Boy Mike" . It might be the album's most in your face song. The vocals sit back against the blitz of guitar. 'Fuck You' does not pull off as well what they did with the opener and is kinda childish. The riff to "the Great Good Place" makes up for them just fucking around on that one. The guitars all sound killer as hell on this album. If Kiss played doom and were joking around not trying to make another "God of Thunder" then you get a pretty good picture of what they are doing with "Hot Fish" .

The album closes with another rocker on "Hund", The riffs kinda reminds me of Judas Priest. Buzz is no Rob Halford, this works in his favor as it keeps the song grounded.  I really like this album a lot , it is going on the iPod alot, so I am going to give it a 9.5, it is a return to a more metallic sound for them which I am a fan of . 

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