Saturday, March 6, 2021

Skold : "Die Irae"

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I was surprised how mean and metal the guitars were going into the opening track of this album. There is more of a Marilyn Manson or Orgy vibe on "Unspoken". Considering he has played with both Manson and KMFDM this makes sense. "the End is Near" falls more in line with more typical industrial , but is not as gripping as the first two songs. There begins to be less guitar and more electronic elements by the time we get to this song. This trend continues with "Terrified" , though it is moving in a more experimental direction. The vocals are well produced , but the melodies wander a bit . It is easy to here where Street Sects was influenced by this project.  

A more synth wave style of sound emerges on " Love is a Disease". I like when the song finds it's slinking groove . There is a smoother drive than what you might expect of industrial music that is not Nine Inch Nails, who is the most commercial project of the genre. They are back to a more metallic sound on "This is the Way" .  The works better than the more disjointed experiments of "Silicone Dreams". The guitar plays a more minor role there. The darker groove to " As Above so Below" works well , the song overall has a much more Orgy like sound. But Orgy has not sounded like they used to in decades so if you have been missing that sound this will be a welcome return to it. 

They continue down the darker alleys of groove on "Kill Yourself". Anything in this sonic zip code is going to work for me as long as they are leaning into the groove like they are here. The song has a much more epic scope to it's dynamics . The metal guitars return to book end the more 90s goth musings that close out the album with "Goodbye" this feels more like something Filter would have done. On a whole this album works with me , some of the more experimental turns that are not groove oriented might not play to Skold's strengths , but grew on me so I will give this one a 9. 

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