Friday, March 5, 2021

Plaguewielder : " Covenant Death"


These guys have expanded their sonic range and now find themselves in a place no unlike Tombs. This is a good thing as this is the most mature and polished song writing I have heard from them yet. It is both more melodic and darker. They do not shy from throwing themselves into the blasty mc nasty sections at times, which is fine , they are a black metal band. I only have issues with this when a band is a one trick pony. It never feels like they are taking the easy way out. There is a more straight forward thrash like assault on "At Night They Roam". The vocals are more shouted and less rasped. They have mastered the art of letting chillingly creepy chords  ring out .  

His bellow comes closer to singing on "A Death That Knows No End".  More propelled by double bass than blast beat, the guitar as more room to work it's magic. More of a uniformity begins to emerge in their sound by the time we get 4 songs in to "One With the Shadow" . It is an epic throb they pulse off of , but not the most dynamic moment of the album. Oddly the title track is just an ambient interlude. They roar back with a more traditional blasting for "CRGP".  They slow down after a minute of this into a darker more dissonant passage where the vocals shift to a lower goblin like croak. I like the fact lyrically they seem to be invoking and worshipping the annihilation of mankind, that is a theme I can get behind. They charge into "Black Mysticism" with more of a traditional metal fury. 

They kind of sing on the last song which is a moodier continuation of sounds they have already been battering you with, these are perhaps marginally more deliberate.  Yes the album at times has a uniform sound, but even then it is more dynamic in the scope of the sound and it remains clear these guys give a solid shot at song writing so I will give this one a 9. 

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