Thursday, March 4, 2021

Sunnata : "Burning in Heaven, Melting on Earth"

Here is an interesting band from Poland that I so happened across, and now I am wondering why they were not already on my radar. They open the album with a dreaming Screaming Trees like approach that builds into a more sludge driven form of metal. Things are more hypnotic and trippier though less metal in their build up with "God Emperor of Dune". I can excuse the less heavy part given that it is a song about one of the Dune books. This album is more like grunge than doom or any flavor of metal so far. It sounds like it has metal influence. This might be the band's 4th album but the first time I have really paid attention to them so perhaps they were more metal before this and it is a progression. I am glad this is where I came aboard. 

There is a an odd almost post punk groove to " a Million Lives" handles it's heaviness more like Killing Joke, which I am certainly not made about. Midway into the song it takes an even more exotic turn blending middle eastern elements. Lots of bands claim to be psychedelic , these guys make it happen. They come up with a darker tinge to the groove of "Black Serpent". The vocals are more haunting as the riff simmer. Then throatier more Neurosis like vocals chime in. This album is really well produced. There a few moments when I think maybe the guitar could be beefier than again I am not really blaring this one so volume could change that . Things shift in this song to almost shoe gazing/

These guys get how to make droning work. They never drone without a destination. TheyThey always have their dynamics tweaked just right. "Volva" finds them getting heavier sonically, and putting more balls in the vocals with out going totally coarse. If you wondered what it might sound like if Wovenhand jammed with Pink Floyd "Way Out" takes a good stab at it. This album is incredible, it's going into regular rotation for sure. If you like trippy hazy hypnotic stoner sludge then this is for you. 

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