Thursday, February 4, 2021

Mix Tape Mania -Faith's Goth Mix

This all started with me playing Kiss the Anus of the Black Cat for my wife who had never heard them before. I then went on to tell her I would have to make her a mix of the more obscure goth acts she might not have heard of since a- music is our love language...well one of  and b- that is what a good husband should do , show his wife new dark music. This blog is going down hill , you are just making posts for her all the time...screams the idiot hipsters of the internet , ...lets clear something up, this is my blog so I do what the fuck I want and what the fuck I want is to make this for her, so shut up and say think you dear reader as you might find your new favorite band on here too    

Pleasure Leftists- "the Conversation" 


 Evil Mothers - 'Spider Sex and Car Wrecks"



youth code= "Sick Skinned"


wax idols -"Lonely You"


 sex gang children- "Beasts" 


Street Sects- "Blacken the Other Eye"

bleach birth- "Westing Plan"

atriarch- "Parasite"

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