Monday, February 8, 2021

Black Metal History Month - Cara Neir : "Phase Out"

My favorite album by these guys is "Portal to A Better Dead World" . After that one the hard core hints began to become a more prominent force in their music . But having a black metal past makes them a part of the history of the genre so he we are. Things have really changed. They always wrote dynamic songs that took you are a journey now they have added a whole realm of video game sounds. Going a more nerd core than hard core direction. There is still a metal spine to what does down. It is wildly progressive. The oddity over powers the dark sense of evil or hatred black metal should carry. The second song is a written tune the first song just had me like "What the fuck is going on here". I listen to lots of music every week, so If you can make me ask that you have accomplished something. 

Metal made in un-metal ways generally works for me as things like sonic density and darkness hold a great deal of weight for me as far as what I like and what I consider heavy. The sung vocals on "Shady Blades" have more of an indie rock feel. This song is really well written. I know some of you were expecting me to poo poo this since it is not black metal, but you forget I like weird career shifts like Disco Kiss, Glam rock Celtic Frost and Vegas Elvis. "Valkyrie" is not only more metal is is propelled by a very solid groove. There is a more noise rock element to "Floodgates of Doom " . "Four Seasons in a day" is more of an interlude than a song. They take similar elements from this interlude and make a song out of them on "Phasers Set to Relax" which has and almost industrial feel.  

Metal returns for 'Maestro Infernus" but chaos rules the song.. I prefer how it is introduced on "Hypogelum". It has drive and some roots in more traditional metal. They do similar in the last song though there is more hard core to the explosive part but it follows a similar dynamic. I will give this album a 9.5 . It was not what I was expecting , but in fact better and perhaps their best.  

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