Saturday, February 20, 2021

Black Metal History Month -The Top 66 Black Metal Bands of All Time -36-27

We are going further into this darkness with this list of the Top 66 Black Metal Bands of All Time. Before you get your bullet belt twisted with what is about to go down here. I am not writing commentary with each entry, instead I will cryptically foreshadow the reasoning for where these bands fall. I typically defaulted to Last Fm so this is ranked by most listened to by me. Since it is my blog it only makes sense I can think I am a huge fan of one band but if I never listen to them how good can they really be? There are bands that are supposed classics , and well they did make the list and this is the top 66 black metal bands out of hundreds. If they did not rank as high as you liked well go make 
your own fucking list or start your own fucking blog. 

 There will not be much in the way of Raw or Beastial black metal, because they tend so sound like shit . There are many sub-genres represented here, Atmospheric, progressive , first wave , depressive, post lots of ground is going to be covered. I have also included the country so we will have a clearer picture of who is exporting the best black metal. The tracks chosen are not the best , but the 6th track from my favorite album unless my favorite album does not have six songs and then I am picking the album before that one, if that one doesn't have six songs then I keep going back until I find one that does. So here ya go

36-Destroyer 666

Country - Australia


35- 1349

Country- Norway



Country- America

33- Rotting Christ

Country- Greece


32- Wolves in the Throne Room

Country - America



Country- Ireland 


30- Twilight 

Country - America


 29-Negura Bunget

Country- Romania 

28- Craft

 Country- Sweden



 27 Leviathan

Country - America 

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