Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Volan : " Начало"

These guys are hip hard-core from Russia, meaning hard core for the cool kids not hard-core hip-hop. The first song sounds like Gojira or slowed down Meshuggah that is not trying to fool you with it's time signatures. The vocals are more traditional metal core yelled growled, they are more than likely in their mother tongue, but shouted in such a way, along with being mixed against the wall of guitars, that you can't out what is being said any any event. There is more darkness that creeps into the second song. The drummer is a tasteful beast and the bass player makes himself know by hitting the string with resounding resonance. What goes wrong is the songs bleed into one another, meaning they do not have distinct enough sounds to separate them as they fade into a back ground rumble. The fourth song is more atmospheric, which at this point in the album is a wise move as it helps give a breather.

The bust out of this breather with a more typical hard core pounding ,  in some ways this reminds me of Bloodlet's first album. When it breaks down into more melodic sections the song is more effective, as you do not hear it as heavy until you hear what it sounds like as not being heavy. I know that might be a lot to consider if you just want heavy, but try to keep up. The guitar adding melodies that creep in atop the drums pounding helps make this song actual much instead of sonic rage.By the time I am at the last song, they have begun to run together again for me. The last song is heavy sure, but doesn't bring anything new to the table we have not heard from the previous songs.

These guys are good musicians and have potential. I checked this band out because Dead Air at the Pulpit claimed they were dark and they are, however no body claimed they were the best song writers so no false advertising. I'll give this one a 6.5. If you want very metallic hard-core that let's face it more metal than hard core,  with lyrics and vocals  that are the least of your concerns then this is worth checking out, not the most original, but well done.

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