Sunday, May 1, 2016

Gruesome :" Dimensions of Horror"

This band was spawned after being a touring Death tribute band, as both Matt Harvey and drummer Gus Rios, played on the Death to All tour. So this sounds like a mix of the first two Death albums. The first song brings a sense of nostalgia, but how long this tribute can keep me engaged is another question.  Sure I like the first two Death albums, but why not just download them? In my teen days I remember several locals bands sounding like this so Death influence in death metal is nothing new. The other side of the coin is these guys are fucking good at  re-creating this. So if you are a super crazed Death fan or too young to have caught Chuck and the Boys back in the day then this makes a little more sense. By the time I get to "Amputation" it's wearing on me a little. There are some cool riffs mixed in, but the rule here is cool riffs alone don't make good songs.  I think it's a good thing there are only six songs , because this would be very tiring if there were twelve.

They bgin to pull the plug on "Hellbound" and inject more groove and songwriting into things , making this the album's high point. The opening riff to "Dimensions of Horror" feels like the are leaning in a more Spiritual Healing Direction" the dirty things up on the verse.The less than two and a half minute "Seven Doors" is pretty straight forward death metal and even when Death did it struck me more as filler rather than having any real musical weight on it's own accord . Lyrically growling about zombies could not bore me any more.The title track's  opening riff feels like thet are leaning in a more Spiritual Healing Direction" the dirty things up on the verse. They go back into the "Pull the Plug" type groove on this one, but it's so good it's hard to complain. I'll give this album a 7 as it hardly has an original moment, though I think that's the point. It's well played so Death fans only who are needing a fix or the screams of bloody gore.

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