Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Repos : "Poser"

O.k after than Hatebreed review I promised to review some real hard core, these guys are about as legit as it gets as they have been around for 14 years. They are too punk for my personal tastes, but clearly good at what they do. The first song that catches my ear is the title track. It has a little more rock n roll to it and guitar solos coming out of its ears. Most importantly it stands on it's own two Converse as a song. Many of the songs just play it too safe and could use a hint of metal to them. The drummer earns his seat on "You Should Act Good To Me". While these guys are good at what they do, what they do is one thing. This causes all the songs to sound the same.Most of the song around the minute mark so it's not like there is much of a chance to really establish much. I like when punk bands start off with the rumble of bass like these guys do on "Gift Wrapped Pistol".

I'm sure every city has a band that sounds like this. The songs like "Hotel Caledonia" which are under 30 seconds should be thought of as interludes rather than songs. the first riff that crops up not sounding like the six previous songs is more metallic punch added to "No Plans". These moments are the exception to the rule. The gallop of "Wild Bore" finds this band showing that they could write a real song  if they felt like it. If you combined three of these minute songs, you might have an idea of what this band would sound like if they tried.

I'll give this album a 5.5, which makes the fake hardcore Hatebreed was playing almost seem like a better idea. If you are a regular reader of this blog then you know we have actually covered hardcore that finds a better than what the Repos just did. If we were to look at the Hatebreed album and this album I think we would see a cautionary tale of what happens at each polarity. Be it trying to hang too tightly to your scene cred so you have been around for 14 years and not allowed yourself to progress beyond what your were doing in high  school versus being a total Head Bangers Ball styled sell out.

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