Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Kvelertak : "Nettesferd"

This Norweigan band's third album is the first they recorded is Oslo. So this might be the reason it starts off on a much more black metal path. Eventually the opener finds it's way into the more rock n roll sound, without sounding like all the other black n roll bands who just come across like meaner versions of Motorhead. The main riff to the first single "1985' sound like it's from an album by the Cars. There is a slight Thin Lizzy meets Van Halen tinge to the turn around.The title track keeps things in a more rock direction. The tradition of excellent rock god guitar work is still intact, as this song has more of a Queens of the Stoneage boogie to it. Clean vocals come in around the chorus. It's not a sell out on their part as the song has the same manic energy, though the gain is dialed back on the first two songs that follow the more metal opening track. The guitar solos are all dialed in to 11. The fourth song translated to "Black Booth" is very Kiss. It has more of stomp than say "Got to Choose", but if Gene was singing over this it could have come from 1976. There is a little Scorpions in there as well.

They embrace their more punk side on "Bronsegud" . This song is much more straight forward, to the point it the only strength it plays to is their high energy. The drummer gets to flex his chops a bit, but it's the first song to come across a little like filler to me.There is more of strum to "Evil Galaxy" . It jams on this riff and is a very odd change of pace for the band that will take some getting used to. "Berserkr" is the other single from this album. It starts off more black metal and then they ease back on the gas to something more rock n roll. Another song that is different from the band, but it there is less of a jump from the first album to this point. "Heksebrann" shows how well mixed the layers of guitar are on this album. Which is one difference from the previous album is they were mixed with a rawer more hard rock sound. It is this fine tuned guitar sound that helps sell this song.

There is a more Neil Young vibe to the stoner rock of "Nekrodamus". The change from the previous album to this one is more marked than there more rock n roll turn from the first album, so it might take some warming up to. It sounds excellent and they have grown as song writers so I am going to give this one a 9. These guys at the end of the day are a lot of fun. The solos might not rip as hard, but these guys have a more refined approach this go around.

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