Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Light of the Morning Star : "Cemetery Glow"

This has been sitting in my in-box, but this is the first chance I have gotten to check this album out. The vocals win me over right way. Is it very similar to new Tombs. Yes, but the goth thing is pushed even further to the forefront here. The guitars are playing too fast to be doom. It's droning but not black metal. The cold baritone croon of the vocals doesn't vary much, but it is so cool that I don't really give a shit. They go even further into the darkness as things get really creeped out for the final song"Wraith" it slows into a more deliberate pound that hangs onto to become more of a throb. The album has a nocturnal pulse. These three songs impressed the hell out of me even though this is not what I thought it would be. This owes as much to My Dying Bride as it does Tombs. The vocals never go into any kind of harshness. I can appreciate that fact.

The melodrama is not too overblown. I never feel the dude singing it, has his long curly locks of black hair blowing in the wind with a partially unbuttoned Victorian shirt on.Dynamically the opener starts off at more of a slow burn and gains momentum. Lyrically lines like 'we are the walking graves, we are the bleeding knife" makes no secret they are going for the after midnight crowd here. At first listen the songs all have a very similar vibe so going in for repeat listens I was looking for what makes them stand apart from one another. I think there is more drive to "Black Throne Ascension". Being impressed on my first listen is a good thing, but it makes me want to go back and listen to it more objectively. Production wise this album is well done. It has a big loud sound rather than suffering from being set back into the distance with re-verb in order to get an 80s sound.I will give this one a 9 since I have been impressed by it, but haven't gone the extra mile since discovering to get it into my iPod, if it was a 10 I would be more pressed to do so. Perhaps when a proper full length is released and I get to hear a wider range of what this project can do I will feel so inclined.

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