Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Deceptionist: " Initializing Irreversible Process"

I was more interested in this band's industrial side than I was the tech tendencies. In this case tech must mean riff robots devoid of putting feeling into their metal. They are tight, but a band should be. This is where death metal is fully monochrome and I'm not hearing anything from the futuristic side that is balancing this out for me. The second song has some samples in it and the solo is decent, but nothing mind blowing for me. I eventually find myself on "Final Innovation" and realized two songs have just breezed by me because they sound the same. Some industrial moments creep into "Irreversible Process" which is one of the album's next redeeming moments. It's mainly run of the mill tightly riffed death metal with drumming that fails to impress me like most death metal can. If you put a ton of stock into guitar solos then you might find those sections more appealing. It's well played wanking, but wanking none the less.

"Sunshine" chugged right past me. It seems a little rushed and as stiff as all the previous songs. There is a robotic effect placed on the vocal at one point, and that is what this album needs more of to stand on it's own two cyborg legs. There is more industrial to "Industrivolutionaction" though it's more of a droning interlude than a song that goes somewhere. There is a similar aggression to old Deicide on "Operator Nr 3". The Romans aren't known for death metal, so this is like the Indians launching into space travel, but much like that it's been done before so what is the point? I'll give this album a 5, the guitars are played and produced , but unless guitar solos make the album for you this doesn't have an original bone in it's cyborg body.

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