Wednesday, November 21, 2018

the Weekly Playlist Week 15 : Chris Isaak

So this playlist comes somewhat by request after a Lyft ride. I was once a huge Chris Isaak fan. Seen him live five or six times it hard to say as they were all before I got sober. I did coke with his drummer and once go so drunk that I told Chris while he was wearing his disco ball suit that I could see myself in his pants. To which he replied "Woah, that's brotherly love. You say that to all the guys". I was once also obsessed with Vegas Elvis and Roy Orbision, so Isaak makes perfect sense when you take that into consideration. Along with the fact his music has a dark side that at at some times is as pronounced as the Cure's. He has a great voice that easily floats up into his falsetto with a great deal of grace. His songs take depressing avenues of heartbreak and give this a sexy smoldering. They will now have an even greater place in my heart as they remind me of singing to them one rainy afternoon going from East Atlanta to Midtown. So enough of me here is a plylist of some of my favorite Chris Isaak songs.

 "One Day"

Talk to Me


You Don't Cry Like I Do

"Back On Your Side"

Can't Do a Thing to Stop Me

 Things go Wrong


 "The Lonely Ones"


 "There She Goes"


-"I See You Everywhere"

Nothings Changed

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