Friday, November 9, 2018

Sigh : "Heir to Despair"

This band really defines progressive rock. There shit is not a bunch of notes it goes somewhere and actually makes progress. While I was surprised that it sounded like a space age take on Jethro Tull as a metal band, it makes perfect sense. Yes , I know they used to be a black metal band. They are still heavy, so if that doesn't make you content then I'll point you in the direction of the last Lychgate album. This is more melodic and flowing even in it's weirder moments. The second song is more spastic than the first. Things change much faster here and when they hit a powerful chugging riff it's soon over. "Hunters Not Horned " is a step in a more aggressive direction. I would not say a heavier one. There is a touch of rock n roll in the recklessness they pursue this with which is cool as a great deal of prog bands get to caught up in the precision and sound sterile.

"In Memories Delusional" is a faster yet more tightly coil trashing take on what they do. Then they enter into a trilogy of "Heresy " songs. The first one starts of in more of a Mr. Bungle like vein. It eventually gets in a good heavy groove more like a Slayer riff. I had to go back and listen to the second part of "Heresy" again. The 3rd part of this series of songs' has more of a Tangerine Dream vibe. It's more of a song and less of an experimental interlude. It continues to drift into a more Moody Blues neighborhood. There is more of a feral metal thrashing to " Hands of the String Puller".  It throws weirdness at you , but shows they know what they are doing when it comes to writing a fucking song. Everything seems like the next logical step rather than just being jarring for the sake of being jarring.

The album ends with the title track which is not black metal but chugs in that direction. I should say here the guitar playing is on fucking point. If you are into guitar solos , then know these guys can shred. I think what bears even more note is the fact they can, but at no point in time does it ever come across like they thought" Well this would be a cool riff to solo over". I like a good guitar solo. I don't like wanking onto a guitar, I can't really say I don't like wanking because it is one of my favorite past times. But the point is the song's come first. Vocally the title track is not as interesting as some of the previous songs. At over ten minutes this is album's longest song so it takes some twists and turns. I like when they go into the more sweeping strum that reminds me of Sleepy Time Gorilla Museum. There are many moments that sound like circus music.At the end of the day these guys are incredible at what they do I'll give this album a 9.

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