Saturday, November 17, 2018

The Sound of Me Before You pt 2

This is the second part of a four part series I am doing, with a theme  of if you are sharing your life with someone  once of the most important things you can share is your music. It's the pieces of me that I don’t have words for as they are an amalgamation of my thoughts and emotions relating to sonic vibrations. Music can always take me back to a place in time. We are going through the angry teen years, which were also filled with drugs, but not the real hard stuff that comes in the next installment. It's interesting to imagine how two people might have interacted at different times in their life if they met under different circumstances. So this is a soundtrack to that.  I have organized it in terms of the year these songs are released . The story they tell is somewhat loose. This is me giving these songs as token to someone of what was inside me before they knew me. This is what my life sounded like before I met them. 

Me Against the World

infinite dreams

Sleepless Nights

Dead Skin Mask


Girls of Porn


Prison Sex




How it Would Be


In Praise of Bacchus


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