Sunday, November 25, 2018

Fucked Up : "Dose Your Dreams"

 This album was two years in the making. It's like their version of the wall. Despite the fan fare that opens the album they remind you from the beginning that this is still very much a punk album. It's like if Murder City Devils has been happy and not dark, depressed suicidal devil worshipers. "Normal People " has this groove that seems to be a theme of the album, that helps them extend themselves beyond the realms of punk, in a manner not unlike where New Model Army went. The vocals are more sung on this one and step out from the normal hoarse barks. Though they return on the chorus. The guitar also uses a cleaner rock n roll tone here. Things continue to unfold with the almost 1950's pop meets indie rock sound of "Torch to Light". This kind of vibe carries over with it's sense of atmosphere on "Talking Pictures" that follows it , though it is not as smoothly constructed.

They get back to punk on "House of Keys" , by punk here we are talking about it's earlier more rock based origins with a hint of Gang of Four. The title track has a healthy dose of disco funk to it as the band continues to broaden their horizons. Then we are back to punk on "Living in a Simulation". This continue on this road , though with a more 70s rock feel added to it on "I Don't Want to Live in this World Anymore". I think this gives it enough creative push to get it past where punk can often fall flat with me. Then they go back into dream poppy indie rock with "How to Die Happy". The song after this one takes this even further with a more Beatles feel. On an album of weird turns away from punk this one is the oddest fit.

Of course when the take more of a turn toward post-punk, I'm a bigger fan so "The One I Want Will Come For me " wins me over pretty easily. Its a happier post-punk more like the Drums. They go for a more electro punk thing with " Mechanical Bull". They take this even further into more an industrial feel for " Accelerate" . "Came Down Wrong" sounds more like Dinosaur Jr to me. Which I am fine with, though the female vocals added to it give another color of weird.  "Love is an Island in the Sand" feels more like a hippy outtake from the Flaming Lips. In contrast there is some experimentation that get's balanced out in the more dynamic  with " Joy Stops Time". Overall these guys get props for making some punk rock, that includes the rock n roll in the equation and takes chances that pay off more often than not. I give it a 9.

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