Sunday, October 16, 2016

White Lies : "Friends"

There are a few things going on. First is the are the more radio friendly version of new wave, then they also sounds like the Killers, but there is a slight hint of Inxs thrown. "Morning in LA" is even more radio friendly than the first song. When you are making this kind of music the hooks to your choruses have to be air tight and I think the verses to "Hold Back Your Love" work better than the choruses, so that is problematic."Don't Want to Feel it All" is slower, but not yet a ballad, would work in a John Hughes movies and the groove is pretty solid. "Is My Love Enough" has the beats redeeming some of the more stagnant moments.It comes across more like Roxy Music which I am fine with.

Midway into the album it's still hit or miss with "Summer Didn't Change a Thing" playing it too safe, to the point of almost boring me. There is a colder pulse to "Swing" .  "Come On" is another case where the chorus is underwhelming. You are waiting for the song to kick in longer than you you should. Even when the guitar joins in it feels like to little to late, though going into the second verse there are some really cool guitar tones. They eventually swell up into a more Killers like refrain, playing both sides of the retro motif. "Right Place" flows a little better. The synth bass line in this one is call and makes the most of the baritone croon over it.

This is purposefully not the most original album, but it does have a certain charm to it. I'll give it an 8. If you were a fan of the 80's resurgence that happened in the early 2000s with bands following in the foot steps of Interpol, then you will dig what is going on here.

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