Monday, October 10, 2016

The Sword : "Low Country"

So here is an acoustic take on the Sword's last album "High Country" . It finds it self  falling some where between Heart and country music, the vocals are more dead pan "Empty Temples".The vocals pick it up a little, but doesn't do a whole lot for for me. There is more of a 60s rock vibe to "High Country". When the female vocals come in then things get more country.  "Mist and Shadow" starts off more country, but does a better job of building into something more rock. They can't shake the country on "Seriously Mysterious"  in places it reminds me of Neil Young. Lots of layered vocals on the chorus. I can mid way into this that is album is not something I would really care to see live.

The production of "Early Snow" makes it come across more like a newer country song ,with the bass and drums drive the song in a poppier manner. "the Dream Thieves" takes the 60s sound and runs with it in a much better direction. The vocals are half of what makes this more of a winning battle. They break out the drum machines and synths for "Buzzards". This sounds like a lost classic from the 80s or a Residents song. I think this is a direction this band needs to really explore further. There is not much really to this version of "Ghost Eye". "Bees of the Spring" finds them back in the super stoned 60's folk rock place that bands like the Zombies used to occupy.

I'll give this album a 6.5 as it generally doesn't work as well as it's more amplified counter part. Then again I don't do drugs anymore so I might have forgotten what it is like to be so high I wished the album I was listening to would have a mellower version so it doesn't ruin my buzz. However if those are thoughts you find yourself having then this album might appeal more you to.

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