Monday, October 10, 2016

Suicidal Tendencies : "World Gone Mad"

"Clap Like Ozzy" is just silly. They get back on track with the second which is more metal. 'Living for Life" is another song that comes across as filler when you compare it to what this band is capable of . It is a little more dynamic, but it sounds like a Infectious Grooves b-side. It's odd to think that Dave Lombardo is playing drums on this record as he really must be dialing this in. Long time guitarist Dean Pleasants who has surpassed original guitarist Rocky George with his time with the band, also plays on this album. Let's get real this guy is a hired gun he has played with Jessica Simpson for fuck sake, and while he has chops he doesn't have the fire in his playing that suits this band like Rocky's did.

There is more blues to the groove of the title track. This also makes this song sound more like the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Production wise this might not be a mistake as the guitar seems to have a more organic "Blood Sugar Sex Magick" like tone. There is something awkward about "Happy Never After" that makes it sound like post-Black Album Metallica. I'm not buying that the guitarist really feels metal, I think his fingers just go through the motions as he is clearly more comfortable playing solos. "One Finger Salute' hits more of the right marks, but it often sounds like Muir's singing voice is cashed out with age. The moodier "Damage Control' works better than when they are trying to remember how they joined the army. "The Struggle is Real" lives up to it's name as it feels like it was as rushed in the writing process as they rushed through it in the studio.

I like the moodier moments of this album better than when they are trying to hard to rock out "Still Dying to Live". Muir's singing voice does still leave something to be desired, though he worked off of attitude more then his pipes even on "How Will I Laugh Tomorrow " . The last song is somewhat of a power ballad and less than memorable as I think I forgot a few minutes after I heard it once. I''l give this album a 6, "Clap Like Ozzy" is really a shit show and this album has a few moments, shame Dave Lombardo just dials it in he could added the balls this album needs.

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