Thursday, October 6, 2016

Black Marble : "It's Immaterial"

When cutting edge music from the 80s it's lumped into being classic rock it makes me feel like a dinosaur. That has come full circle here on this album that honors the 80s sounded  This band fooled me with the album cover to their new album "It's Immaterial". I went into this thinking that it would be something more along the lines of Bat For Lashes". Instead I get a more somber brand of indie rock that owes a lot to pioneers like Suicide and Television. Brisk and dancey in the way the good music from the early 80s was. Things are both more melodic and more lo-fi on the moody "It's Conditional".  "Woods" is a more bleeping and blipping frolic.The bi-polar like contrast to this is the song "A Million Billion Stars". Here the more introspective tone works much better for them and the vocal melody is given room to smoothly flourish.

 "Missing Sibling" is not as focused. I hear it and it breezes through one ear and slides out the other with out grabbing me. Then "FrisK" keeps me wrapped around it's finger with it's almost goth pout that is some what hidden beneath a casual indifference in the vocal tone. You can dance like a apathetic white person to "Golden Heart", but after "Frisk" I am not sure I can match their mood swings. "Self Guided Tours" is like an introvert who is forced to be and extrovert. The guitars to this song are more interesting to me than the synths, the vocal is polite to the rest of the song and unobtrusive enough to avoid complaints. It should not come as a surprise that I would prefer the weird and darker side of the band that is explored on "Portland U". When it comes to song writing it sounds like they are kinda playing around with sounds, the bass line is most committed to what it is doing here. "Collene" is more my speed with is calm and collected take on a more Flock of Seagulls like new wave.

These guys get a ton of props for nailing the 80s sound.I'll round this up to an 8.5 because I need a nap so I am unsure how my judgement is after catching my self randomly clicking on buttons best left un-clicked.Time will tell if these songs last with me, but it's a good rainy day listen and with hurricane season here there is not going to be a lack of those.

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