Thursday, October 13, 2016

Dillinger Escape Plan : "Dissociation"

The first song on their 6th and final album sounds like a more mathy and spastic version of Tomahawk. They last album I took an interest in with these guys was back in 2004 with "Miss Machine". Really after you have listened to Frank Zappa, Botch and Mr. Bungle these guys don't seem as wacky. I prefer when they take a darker turn on songs like "Symptom of Terminal Illness" . This song shows me these guys are capable of writing decent and not being a total Mike Patton rip off a hundred percent of the time. They revert to more spasms than song on "Not wanting so Much as I used to". They don't just rip off Mr. Bungle here they also rip off the Jesus Lizard.

At this point I began thinking perhaps rather than using words I should make this review a montage of Faith No More, Botch and Jesus Lizard videos. They indulge their more electronic side on "Fugue".  The break beats on this sound like the are from 1998. But this is more of an interlude than an actual song. "Low Feels Blvd" find them lashing out in a more hard core like manner. It's still pretty angular. It's broken up by a jazzy break down, that Frank Zappa's band would have slept through. There is some pretty decent guitar playing on it, that guys who still read Guitar World will get wood over. They barrel into "Surrogate" with the same old mathy metal I heard them do 12 years ago. What they do works better on "Honeysuckle" as there was more of a cohesive flow.

There is a little more substance to "Manufacturing Discontent". While I noticed it a little earlier on in the album you can hear in the vocal melodies how they have been taking notes from Mastodon. "Apologies Not Included" is un-hinged , but still makes sense. This is not to say that it is immensely interesting, but if you are fan of these guys it's more than likely what you want more of. I just tune out "Nothing to Forget" as it kinda bores me, the Dead Kennedys like vocal is the best part.The title track sounds like the Deftones making a song for a gay horror movie. Needles to say this album didn't wow me. I'll give it a 6.5, it sounds good production wise and has a few good songs, but for a last album it serves as a weak swan song for the band.

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