Saturday, October 8, 2016

Kyng : "Breathe In the Water"

These guys are an interesting mix of thrash attack set against catchy melodic sections that are not unlike those of say Red Fang. Eddie Veliz's vocals are the high light as he takes a Chris Cornell approach, though no where as Robert Plantish in his upper range. In some way the are more like a pumped up metal version of Bad Company.  In terms of song writing these guys are strongest on a song like the title that takes more melodic nuances and sets them against the burlier riffs in a more Queens of the Stoneage manner. The verses to "Closer to the End" give the vocals more room to do there thing without being encumbered by a busy riff.

"Follow Blindly" has not shortage of energy, but's melodies don't hook me in with the same strength as the previous songs. This is more of a power ballad, but is effective in setting the stage for the songs dynamics, and allow Veliz to show some different colors to his voice. "the Dead" doesn't really win me over until it gets away from the verse and progresses in the songs bridge. The melodies are stronger on "Bi-polar Schemes". Lyrical this is one of the strongest, as who ever wrote has obviously experience dating some one afflicted with this. There is a smoother more sinewy riff to "Hide From You" another song where the vocals are allowed to shine.

Slights hint of southern rock hide at the corners of "Song For a Broken Masque" which is a little too mainstream rock for my personal taste though it is well done. "the Battle of the Saint" is more of a jam, though it eventually locks into a hooky melody. There is a lighter tone to "Not Enough" that is like the Foo Fighters venturing out to a more progressive strain of rock. They end with the heavier rock of "What I'm Made of ". There is a very mid- nineties post-grunge flavor to what these guys do. I don't hear them as being a stoner rock band though they are being marketed that way, they come across a little more metal live. I'll give this one an 8.5. as it starts a little stronger than it finishes. The singer claimed when I saw them live that this album will change your life, I guess that depends on how little you have going on.

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