Friday, October 7, 2016

Take Over and Destroy : "s/t"

This album starts off decidedly more metal than their last album "Vacant Face" . I really like this guys gothier clean vocals. While there is some influence in how he flips back and forth, it's not at the most predictable moments so they get points for that. There is a razor sharp thrashing riff to "Leave the Door" , it's not until they slow down at the two minute mark that I find anything about this song as compelling as the opener. It's not until "Let me Grieve" that it strikes me that these guys are like a crust-core version of In Solitude, that is the band's "Sister" era later work. The song writing also becomes more nuanced on this one so maybe that factors in. They keep things at a brisk pace on "Separate From the Shadows", when it comes to the chorus you could almost draw comparisons to a rawer and heavier A.F.I.

I like the fact he sings more on "Out of Frame". I do not feel that the vocal wrap themselves around the music quiet as well as they could, though I can hear where he is trying to go with it. They are at more of a punk like thrashing speed for "Red Ink". There is more deliberate stomp to the social commentary of "Job Coffins". They return to a more classic metal sound leading into "Love Among the Ruins". This is coupled with a gloomy croon, but for some reason when it goes down on this album it reminds me more of In Solitude. Not sure why it sounded fresher the last time around. It slows into a more sludge filled pounding that proves to be very effective. The proto - metal kicks it back to the 70's on "Bring Me the Rope". They certainly slap Ghost upside their hooded robes with the attitude in this ode to suicide.

They close this party out with "Night Work Begins" which is rougher and sloppier into is collision of post-punk despondency and NWOBHM. They jam this one out longer , following a plodding bass groove the guitar provides atmosphere that would have been welcomed earlier in the album. Right now I'll give this one an 8.5 as it doesn't wow me as much as the previous album and some of the ideas seem to pay too much homage to other bands, but it is better than most of the other metal that came out this week and has a different vibe than your average crusty d-beaters.

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