Sunday, October 30, 2016

Body of Light : "Let Me Go"

I have been sitting on this one for a while now , so I should go ahead and review it. These two brothers from Arizona sound like they are Euro-trash. They look like a couple of kids from the straight edge scene rather than pumping out the up tempo new wave tinged dance found on this album. With the second list the song's groove began to sink in. While there are some of the quirky plastic coated staples from the earlier of new wave that spawned artists like Depeche Mode, these sounds move and flow in a very modern manner. If you listen close enough you can here the retro mood is deeply intertwined with a modern dance feel, leaving the croon of the vocals that steps out further in the mix by the time you get to the third song. These songs are fun listening, but don't really knock my socks off, they are almost too happy until we get to the title track. This sets to tone for the vocals to croon out something with a more introspective mood. I would not call this dark wave.

The dark vibes spill over into the more up-tempo "Last Breath".  The more distorted vocal that creates the call and response on this song brings them closer to dark wave. The mood get's poppier as the song progressive, but these added touches make this the first song that hooks me in at a hundred percent. "Moving Slowly" finds emphasis on the almost angular groove, but it has enough propulsion to sell me on it. At first "Felt" feels a little like "Enjoy the Silence". It gains some momentum. The synth tones at the beginning of"Tremble" are almost too happy for me a feel like they should be on the sound track of some random anime series. I prefer the more shadowy mood that fuels "Cold Gestures." Things get a little darker for "World Fall Apart". I have heard someone say this songs reminds them of the Crux-Shadows and I only marginally hear that comparison.

I'll round this album up to a 9, it seems to grow on me. Sure it could be darker, but it works well for what it is. The album sounds really good and has many layers. Some of the song writing is more inspired than other so there are some really strong ones that I felt on the first listen. I'll really have to sit with this one for a while and see if it holds up with time. If you are a fan of older Depeche Mode like synth pop and new wave that is not full blown retro then this is worth your time.

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