Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Death Fetishist : "Clandestine Sacrament"

When this album finally commits to it's brand of dark terrorizing death metal the results are pretty impressive. It should be considering this project is being brought to you by Matron Thorn of Aevangelist. The vocals are also handled by the growlers from Pyrrhon and Mispyring. The extreme metal luminaries doesn't end their as the synths are tackled by members of Gnaw Their Tongues and Bethlehem. "Void Tripper" is rawer and more brutal than the song before it with the blasting hammer at you with more demonic fury than before. Almost to the points of putting the finer points of songwriting upon their altar of sacrifice. "Netherrealm" is pretty abrasive, but has a coating of atmosphere under it's nasty roar that makes it a more worth while song than "Void Tripper" which hit you with a very one dimensional attack. The blast beats seething beneath don't make this the most original song ever, but if works for what is going on here.

Normally the dark throb to "Beauty From Wretchedness" would do more for me but it sounds to much like what we heard from the song before even though there is slight edge to the chaotic pounding  here. The drums on this are handled by G Nefarious from Panzer God and AD Noctum. His kit has a big sound and though sometimes more distant the drums sound pretty good on this album. There are a few synth interludes, but mostly things are kept in focus.  It's pretty impressive that these guys keep things under the ten minute mark even at their most cavernous excursions like "Wreckage of the Flesh" , that borders on black metal at times. While a more powerful charge eventually takes form out of this sonic murk the nasty vocals are the most ear grating part of the song.

The album closes with it's one long sprawling song at breaks the 12 minute mark. This one comes closer to blackened death metal. It is a murky mess with formless riff churning the darkness. The last minute ends in bizarre samples and atmosphere. I'll give this one a 6.5.  It is often to chaotic to focus on the songs, though that is often their intention, so it's really how atmospheric and murky do you want your death metal.  This album drops just in time for you Halloween weekend on October 28th.

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