Thursday, October 27, 2016

Hail Spirit Noir : "Mayhem in Blue"

I loved this band's last album, so I won't lie it's a surprise to hear them go from progressive black metal into groovy 60's tinged black n roll.Some blast beats do crop up, I am not sure I would say they give the end a more black metal feel, I do not that this is going to be a weird ride. The title track finds them bringing back more of the prog feel, and going all out into the wake of Poseidon with Opeth like melodic section before bring some smack down.The sung vocals are well executed and these guys are incredible musicians so it's hard to argue against any of their creative choices so far.

There is a more straight ahead rock vibe to "Riders to Utopia", despite the vocals have more grit to their gruff cadence. The keyboards on this keep the 60's psychedelics going, bringing "Inna Gadda Davida" to mind.  It's not as strong as the first two songs, but it is not bad by any means. A circus like ambiance colors the beginning of "Lost In Satan's Charms". The vocals are smoothly sung as the song builds. The build is very subtle and it hovers in more of prog gallop than getting actually metal.  When the more metallic elements, such as the growling comes into play they create a feeling similar to that which Enslaved has invoked in their more recent albums.

"Cannibal Tribe Came From the Sea" has the kind of ominous throb you would expect from a horror movie of the same name, if such a thing existed. The build on the song is great and feels as heavy sonically as it does metal. The close the album with the more Moody Blues like prog of the dreamy "How to Fly In Blackness". Not the strongest song on the album as it is more of a jam, but I can appreciate where they are going. I'll give this album a 9. It's very strong but tends to wander, those all who wander are not lost here.

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