Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Oathbreaker : " Rheia"

Not sure why I waited around to check this album out. It's only been out a month, but I really feel like I have been missing out on something only three songs into it. This band from Belgium opens their third album with an acapella vocal before blasting into a more furious take on black metal. A minute and a half in it ebbs back down into a similar vocal to the one that opened the album. The vocals continue to be one of the things that makes this album sound out. Sometimes the go spastic at other moments like the song "Being Able to Feel Nothing" they are very emotive. Sometimes her delivery reminds me of Karyn Crisis since it is less refined than a singer like Julie Christmas. I can here these guys busting into something with more of a post-punk edge to it even against the shimmering tremolo of the guitar she is give to scream over here.

There is more of a gloom folk to the acoustic intro of "Stay Here". This draws comparisons to Chelsea Wolfe and proves that Caro Tanghe can really sing when she wants to. This is important to me as I think it is a quality all screamers should have in order to provide music with the needed dynamic range. Not being able to sing is the equivalent to a guitar only able to play the three lowest strings of their instruments, that makes them a bass player not a guitarist. "Needles In Your Skin" starts off with them going down the more darkly somber path of the previous song before blasting into something more abrasive. They prove they are not limited with just hitting you with blasting as powerful chug is summoned in this song's strongest moment.

They hit you with a very gripping melody on "Immortals". When it turns into a more pummeling maelstrom the stage was already set for this explosion. They dive back down into what proves to be one of the album's darker moments, it's pretty fucking breath taking.After an interlude of weirdness comes another sonic sprawl in "Where I Live". The melody is once again gracefully wedged into the raging storm of guitars around the vocals. "Where I Leave" is darker and more melodic, but not without menace. This song shows their ability to use restrain and allow the song to have a life of it's own. If you ever wanted to know what it means to serve the song this is an excellent example. The album ends on a more atmospheric side. This album deserves a 10 without question.

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