Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Obscured : " Desolate Wanderings"

Atlanta is a city almost a good ten years behind the times when it comes to music that is not hip-hop. So these post-punk revival bands that have already transitioned onto shoe gaze or new wave in citities like New York are just now beginning to surface in the A-Town. This duo does it with more conviction than the others I have heard, but being the gate keeper of goth for Cvlt Nation the test is can they get a stamp of approval from someone who was their for the real deal. The only draw back I hear to the opener is the lack of punch to their drum machine. The second song sounds like it is using real drums. They are dark enough to be convincing and the despondent vocals sound like Rozz Williams mumbling to himself after nodding off. The song builds up into a heavier dynamic that makes me think these guys are also into metal. The end is a little lacking as it just fades into ambient noise.

 There is almost an Atriarch feeling to the heavier build of the second song as a more doom tinged vibe thickens the mood. The vocal performance on this song is far more incoherent than the opening song, leaving the oppressive atmosphere to do most of the heavy listening until it builds into more of a glum death rock thing. I like all the sounds summoned here I don't think they are assembled in the most thoughtful fashion. The jangled strum of guitar on "A Solemn Grace" sound like they are taking the song seriously. The production is murky at best which sometimes gives their sound some charm. After they drone on the same riff for five minutes without going anywhere the problem is clear. These guys know how to get the desired sound but once they get it don't know where to go with it. The title track closes the album. Two minutes in and the song doesn't have a clear entry point.

They are going more for the atmosphere here and once again throwing song writing out of the window. The problem with this is if you like any of the classic goth or death rock, those mother fuckers knew how to write songs. If you don't have songs then you don't have a coffin to piss in. They never find anywhere to go. I think it was all summed up with they can get the sounds, but do not know where to go with them. I'll still give this album a 6 because, I like the first song and they have a few moments. Not that I would listen to this album a second time, but getting decent sounds and creating sonic darkness is more than most Atlanta can muster.

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